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Overcoming the Phantom Pains of Shame-based Severance

Finding Satyagraha behind Society's Shadow

 Many of the following videos are arranged in a somewhat sequential order to introduce new ideas. Please like and subscribe on Youtube if you'd like to increase their visibility.  

(Hint: it gets more interesting down below)

Introduction to the Video Series

Relevant Foundations in Polyvagal Theory

Narcissistic Family Systems: An Introduction

Self-object Needs and Narcissistic Fixation

Oral Fixation: Intro to Avoidant Defenses and Symbiotic Withdral

The Role of the Inner Critic and False Self Structure in Borderline and Other Neuroses

A Few Worlds on How these Topics may tie into Larger Issues in the World

Overcoming the Phantom Pains of Shame Severance

The Schizoid Position
(a vastly overlooked psychological orientation)

Relational Novelty and
The Sacrifice of Intersubjectivity

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